Indiana river cats

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  1. $80.00 entry fee per boat. No refunds. Big fish pot is additional $10.00 per boat "optional"..
  2. All particpants may fish one tournament without paying $20.00 membership fee. Upon entering your second tournament membership must be paid.
  3. Teams must have at least 1 person attend the pre tournament meeting that will take place 30 minutes before the start of the tournament
  4. All particpants must fish from a boat, no bank fishing is allowed
  5. 1-3 persons per boat
  6. 5 catfish limit, no dead fish, no culling at ramp, all fish will be released. Only channel, blue, and flathead catfish will be weighed, state laws will determine  the size limits.
  7. Only 6 rod and reels allowed in use at any time for 2-3 man teams and 3 rods for a one man team.
  8. All catfish must be caught on rod and reel only, No catfish may be taken from trout, jug, or limb lines
  9. All Indiana fishing and boating laws apply
  10. Life jackets must be worn at takeoff
  11. No trailering boats allowed, all participants must launch from designated ramp
  12. No trading or accepting catfish is allowed
  13. No chumming of any kind is allowed
  14. No anchoring within 50 yards of another anchored boat, unless permission is given by the anchored boat
  15. No alcohol is permitted during event or weigh-in
  16. Late to weigh-in results in disqualification
  17. In the event of a tie the team with the biggest fish will place higher 
  18. must not be on water after noon before night tournaments and midnight before day tournaments
  19. No one may be allowed to compete who has proven to have cheated or who has exhibited improper conduct at any previous tournament
  20. A waiver must be signed, this is a fish at your own risk tournament
  21. All protest must be made before payout, disputes will be settled by a committee appointed by tournament staff
  22. All participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  23. No stringers allowed must be in a livewell